Asirvia Resource Guide
Asirvia Resource Guide

Asirvia Resource Guide

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The Asirvia Resource Guide is the most complete business builder's tool developed for our Affiliates and Independent Representatives.  It is truly your Encyclopedia Asirvia. We have centrally located all the critical information a new affiliate will need to get started:

  • Asirvia and Proximity Marketing Overview
  • Using your GO SERVICES and your GO
  • GO SERVICES for Customers and Affiliates 
  • A comprehensive explanation of the Compensation Plan
  • A Back Office Overview
  • The Asirvia Resource Center 
  • Use of Asirvia Tools to grow your business
  • A GETTING STARTED Action Guide for you to use to achieve your Go-Getter Fast Start Bonus
  • 20 weeks of Weekly Planning Tool, to let you map out each week

In addition, you will get enough starter tools to sign up 25 customers and 5 affiliates:

  • 50 GO SERVICES Sales Sheets
  • 5 Affiliate Orientation Guides
  • 5 Copies of the Business Opportunity Sheet (Comp Plan Overview)
  • 1 Flip Book Presentation Tool